Wednesday, June 23, 2021

CaresAccess Features: Administrative Controls & Customization

With CaresAccess program administrators have a control of data within the application. You can immediately begin setting-up community specific menu options, adding physicians and setting patient custom data fields. The following are some of the easy to use features that will help you customize CaresAccess to meet your needs:

List Maintenance Many dropdown menus are customizable to meet your community’s data collection needs.
Status Codes and Disenrollment Reasons Customize your physician and patient participation/enrollment status codes and disenrollment reasons.
Custom Data Fields Set-up Add custom data you want to be collected for patients like surveys, questionnaires, internal procedure steps for each patient. There is no limit to the variety of data you can collect.
User Maintenance Add/delete user accounts and manage the level of access for current users.

CaresAccess site administrators can add/delete users and set their security levels. Users can have access to multiple security levels:

  • Patient Read Only – view patient demographics
  • Sitewide Read only – view patient and physician information
  • Patient Administrator – enter new patients, update patient information, add notes, add referrals and appointments, and set reminders
  • Project Access Administrator - enter physicians, set physician pledge amounts, maintain group/practice information, maintain facility information, and maintain patient and physician status code data
  • User Administrator – enter new users, edit/delete existing users, and set user access levels

The List Maintenance feature in CaresAccess allows administrators to set a variety of drop down menu options in the application. For instance you can easily enter the languages spoken by your community's patient population or set community specific referral reasons. This is a very useful tool in making the application mold to your community rather than making your community mold to the application.

Project Access administrators have access to the Custom Data Fields features which allows you to create surveys or additional data fields which will be linked to a patient file.

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