Wednesday, June 23, 2021

CaresAccess Features: Patient Management

With CaresAccess you can easily track patient information, generate ID cards and link patients and physicians through referral features. The following are some of the easy to use features you will find in CaresAccess:

Demographics Organize and easily access all your patient contact and demographic information.
Automated New Patient Addition CaresAccess walks users through each screen when entering a new patient adding ease and efficiency to the process.
Eligibility Screening Easily determine a patient’s eligibility for your program based on community specific criteria.
Referral Reasons Create a more efficient work flow by entering the type of referral and its urgency.
% FPL Calculation Using income information entered for the patient and the household size, CaresAccess automatically calculates a patient’s percent of Federal Poverty Level based on the current guidelines published by the US Department of Health and Human Services.
Enrollment Set a patient’s enrollment period and enter all pertinent information regarding a patient’s enrollment in your program.
Disenrollment Set and manage reasons for patient’s disenrollment.
Program Status Set and manage a patient’s status in your program.
Appointment Tracking Easily track patient appointments including date, time, physician, notes, HIFAs, and “No Shows."
ID Cards Print patient ID cards for both physician office visits and the pharmacy.
Custom Data Fields Create surveys, forms, internal tracking or any type of data collection to be linked with the individual patient.
Reports A variety of pre-designed queries are built into CaresAccess so you can easily access and analyze your patient related data. These reports include everything from Upcoming Appointments, to Currently Enrolled Patients, to Patient Lists by Enrollment or Disenrollment Date Range.

The Patient Demographics screen allows you to collect and view patient contact information as well as enrollment information like their status, effective dates and Care Coordinator.

The Enrollment Screen allows users to set an enrollment period, enter information that pertains to that specific enrollment as well as set disenrollment reasons through an auto disenroll feature. This screen also creates an enrollment history if a patient has multiple enrollments in your program.

To link a patient with one of your volunteer physicians you use the Referrals screen. Select a specialty  and the physicians will be listed in order of who is next in line to accept a referral. So the physician who accepted the last referral will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can also sort physicians by name or practice. When the referral is made the physician's pledge amount is decremented.  Physicians who have commpleted their pledge amount for the month, quarter, or year will not be visable in the list.  However you can easily add/change pledge amounts on the Physicians screen.

Once a patient is referred to a physician you can easily enter the patient's appointments with this physician. From the data entered on the appointments screen you can run a variety of reports including a Future Appointments report often used to conduct appointment reminder calls to patients.

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