Wednesday, June 23, 2021

CaresAccess Video Library

CaresAccess is built to collect physician related information as well as assist your efforts in creating equitable distribution of services among your volunteer physicians. The following are some of the easy to use features you will find in CaresAccess:

Demographics Organize all your physician related information from contact data to their National Provider ID.
New Physicians Easily add new physicians, practices, and facilities to CaresAccess.
Pledges by Interval Enter physician pledges by annual, quarterly, or monthly intervals to best meet the needs of your volunteer physicians.
Notes Document all your physician communication in an easy to use notes module.
Specialties Set names for your physician’s specialties.
Disenrollment Reasons Set and track community specific reasons for physician disenrollment.
Status Codes Set and assign community specific status codes for participating physicians.
Volunteer Clinic Pledges Organize and track pledges for your volunteer clinic.
Reports A variety of pre-designed queries are built into CaresAccess so you can easily access and analyze your physician related data. These reports include everything from Available Physicians, to Referrals by Physician, to Appointments by Physician.

The physician screen allows you to store physician information from contact to pledge data. You can enter a physician's NPI number, link the physician to a Group/Practice, select their specialty, and enter their pledge. Pledges can be entered as an annual, quarterly or monthly interval so that you can meet the needs of your physicians.

If your community coordinates volunteer physicians for a clinic, you can use this Clinic Pledge module to track clinic volunteers. Through the reports module you can easily see which physicians have completed their clinic commitments.

Through the Groups screen you can collect contact information about practices or groups participating in your program. Once you have linked a physician with a practice on the Physicians screen they will appear on the Groups screen so you can easily see which physicians are part of the practice.

The Physician Notes screen allows you to track all communication with your physicians as well as store general notes you would like tied with an individual physician. Only users with a Project Access Administrator security level will be able to view these notes.

The Physician section of the reports module contains a variety of reports designed to help you quickly analyze physician pledges, physician contact information, and available referrals. Additional physician reports are included in the Appointments and Referrals sections of the reports module.

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