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CaresAccess helps non-profits efficiently and effectively coordinate volunteer physicians into a charity care network. This comprehensive solution supports a variety of communities in their individual approaches to organizing resources to meet the healthcare needs of uninsured patients and the volunteer physicians serving them.

From facilitating the screening process, to creating an equitable distribution of patient referrals, CaresAccess provides administrative solutions to the challenges faced by Project Access communities.


The primary benefit of a web based, hosted approach is that your community has to invest nothing in the way of server hardware, server maintenance, and onsite IT support. The CaresAccess software is continually updated to meet your community’s needs. With some software packages you will be stuck waiting months or years for the next version, not with CaresAccess. This web based solution enables updates to be added continuously with no need for you to load a new version.

CaresAccess is just that, effortless access. Users do not need to be at the same physical location to access or update your community’s data. Since the data is stored in secure Internet location, anyone with Internet access and a secure login can access the Project Access data for your community. Software applications that are installed on an internal server at your facility are limited in their external access to the users on your network.


CaresAccess is the application used by the founding Project Access community, the Buncombe County Medical Society in Asheville, NC. The application design, business rules, and reporting were initially created by the Buncombe County Medical Society, and have stood the test of time over the past eleven years.


CaresAccess utilizes cutting edge web development and database technology. The web application and business logic tiers have been created using Microsoft’s .NET platform and development tools. The data store for CaresAccess is Microsoft SQL Server technology. A backup of the CaresAccess database is created nightly.


  • Computer with Internet Connection
  • Internet Browser – All features except the reporting feature will run in any major Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, or Opera). To run the reporting feature to its full capacity your computer will need Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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